Saturday, May 7, 2011

April 13: Canton, Tx – Tyler, Tx 39mi

Woke up this morning feeling a bit weak. Legs feeling lazy, body feeling heavy. The ground was a tad uncomfortable and the street was closer than I thought so traffic woke me up. I didn’t wake up early either, I was crawling out of bed around 9:30, so passing traffic could enjoy my morning routine. I had dissected my panniers (the bags on the side of my bike that holds all my gear) the night before and had to repack everything so it would fit properly. Most of my gear is sleeping equipment so if all of it is pulled out, repacking takes about 20 or 30 min. My dirty laundry was mooshed in the bottom of one of the panniers and I packed the compression sack with my clean clothes and mashed my sleeping bag in as well. The mashing and condensing is required for obvious reasons, so everything will fit. Once its all packed up, it fits snug and looks neat.