Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogging happens whenever you're wishing to be sleeping. (for me anyhow)

Ok, that last post was me shedding some negative energy, now its time to be postive and productive (kinda).

April 9, 2011: Graham, Tx - Bridgeport, Tx  (55 mi)

I rode a bike with a flag on the back from this town to that town. It was windy. Then I met some people who liked what I was doing. One guy stopped me on the windy road and gave me some money and sunflower seeds. Then 2 girls wanted to get my phone number in Jacksboro. Then I bought some more groceries and met more people who liked what was going on. Then I got to Bridgeport and went to Dairy Queen for water. Dave Walters called and we talked about the ride. The manager overhead and gave me an ice cream cone. Thanks for calling me at Dairy Queen Dave. I was going to camp but had a moment of weakness and got a hotel. No internet at this hotel. Of course, why would a 40 dollar room offer Wi-fi?


Looking at Runaway Bay

On windy days when the airflow comes from the south, I have to furl the flag a bit to keep it from interrupting traffic and becoming a safety issue


To be honest, I hate blogging.

But, I shall continue what I have started! Well, I cant say I hate it. I enjoy writing. What I strongly dislike (ill use that instead of hate) about this, is several reasons, the amount of time it takes to capture the detail and recreate all events and circumstances takes up a considerable amount of personal time. On top of that, so many things are happening so fast and I dont have the internet available and more often, the time to update as often as I would like. In a perfect world, i'd ride a comfortable distance, get a hotel room, get cozy, acess the internet and take the next day off to completely fill you in on the details and repeat this process day after day but thats expensive and time consuming, not the nature of this trip. Even if I get a hotel, there often is no internet. When I have got hotels with internet, im too exhausted to do anything but lay down and sleep.

Maybe im just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of critical information I need to fill you all up with. I think thats it. I havent been able to get on here for quite some time and more has happened than I have time or energy to relay at the moment so bear with me, im just going to break it down into manageable segments and do this a bit at a time. The ride will probably be long over with by the time I actually finish blogging about it all. My original plan was to ride for 5 or 6 days, take a day off, blog and update everything. Well, most of us know that your first plan rarely survives anything and mine has been no different. The rest days ive been taking as of late are far and few between and when I have taken one, the time is spent doing things like laundry, meeting someone, repairing something, going here and doing this or that and at the end of the day when things are winding down, im heading to bed. Like now would be a great time for that buuut I have priorities.

Im taking a pause here. It is 10:26 PM. At 10:30 is a moment of silence for Scotty. His brother Josh is deployed in Afghanistan and its about to be 8AM, April 21st, the day and time that Scotty passed away and Josh is presenting and flying a flag at that moment in his brothers honor.

Ok, enough complaining. Im sneaking this post in among the rest and then filling you in on the trip. If you find this little gem, enjoy. Im just expressing myself a bit but heres to the rest of the story...