Monday, April 11, 2011

Moving across Texas

Tuesday April 5th: Morning came waaay too fast. I slept extremely well but it didnt feel nearly long enough. Good thing today was going to be a fairly short ride. I called Jerry and he said he would be down in Brownfield around 9:30 to drop the tubes off to me. He delivered them and then he took off to work. I have never met him before, but he was still willing to drive out of his way to bring me what I needed. That was awesome. I replaced the tubes, got everything together and was on the road a little after 11. The ride was fairly smooth and I got to the DFC Cycles and Fitness bike shop after 1. I brought the bike in to get inspected and serviced and it turned out I had a broken spoke. That would explain the slight wobble my tire developed 6  miles out of town. The tune-up was free and was offered by Greg, the owner of the shop and that too was great, the bike definetly needed it.