Monday, March 28, 2011

Crossing Off Arizona

Crossed into New Mexico today, the scenery has been absolutely gorgeous! Im in Glendwood, NM right now at the library trying to stay on top of this blog but its hard to do when internet isnt often available and there is soo much happening. I may have to keep this one brief which is unfortunate because the library im at close in 70 minutes and there is more than 70 minutes of things to write about. Ill try sum the ride up and add some photos too.

I spent 5 days at home in Phoenix, but those days flew along. Monday evening I had a BBQ at my cousins house, hosted by Vic and Mindy Anderson, it was awesome and I appreciate what they did. Tuesday morning I attended an event at the Arizona State Veterans Home and that evening was the Gold Star families dinner which was an experience. I met more families and some more awesome people and caught up with some that I had met before my ride. Wednesday morning was the Sunrise Ceremony at Piestewa Peak and that event turned out very well. I had originally planned on leaving Phoenix Thursday morning but ABC15 scheduled an interview that morning for 10:45 so I had to wait until that was over. I ended up leaving town around 1 and riding out of Phoenix and spending the night along the 60 just east of Apache Junction. ABC15 aired the interview and the story on the 5:00 news and as I was leaving Phoenix, my gps got me lost in a retirement community and it turned out to be good because there were 2 ladies walking around that saw me bike by and they stopped me because they recognized me from the news. It was pretty funny.