Sunday, March 20, 2011

...6 Days and 420 Miles Later.

So, yes, the ride has begun. I am currently sitting at home in Phoenix taking a short rest before taking off on the road again. Im staying in town till Thursday because there are several events taking place that I wish to attend and I could definitely use the break. Anyways, I have internet and ill fill you in on the ride so far.

 I tried not to think about the bike ride on the way to Cali and while I was there because I would feel nervous and aprehensive. It was the fear of the unknown that made me the most uneasy, did I train enough? Will my body be able to handle the extensive riding? How tough will the hills be? I stopped thinking and turned my mind off and relaxed as much as I could before the ride. I have to say thanks to Jess and TJ for driving me out to Cali and feeding me and letting me stay at their house, it was well appreciated. Well, Monday morning came along and Jess drove me to the beach. We decided the day before that I should start my ride from Oceanside since it was closer to their house and it was right next to Camp Pendelton, making it an appropriate place to begin my ride. Jess snapped this photo after I dipped my rear tire in the oean and just before I hopped on the bike and rode away...frankly, I was still pretty nervous.