Monday, June 6, 2011

April 17: Jasper, Tx – Deridder, La (55mi)

Leaving Texas today!
I actually get a little apprehensive leaving a state I enjoyed and starting to ride through a new one. I wonder if this new state will top the last one and I wonder what sort of experiences are coming my way.
Either way it all turns out to be great. I left Amanda’s around 9 and on my way out of town I stopped at a local donut shop for breakfast. I parked the bike outside and walked in. Besides the workers, there was only 1 customer sitting inside. Im leaving his name out for his safety, not sure if it would matter or not but best to be safe.
He asked about my bike and what I was riding for. I explained what was going on and asked if I could sit down with him. He said ok and he started talking. The stories he told were unreal. He is Filipino and served in the Army there and was on the police force for some time. He talked about firefights with the guerilla forces and counter ambushing them and saving a comrade. On the police force, he had to deal with corrupt officials who would arrange the release of legitimate criminals. To fight this, him and fellow officers would find ways to beat the system. They would arrest the criminals on Fridays and leave them in the back of the cop cars and drop the car off in the jungle till after the judges would go home for the weekends so the release paperwork wouldnt be signed off until business resumed on Monday. His best friend was blackmailed into arranging for him to be assassinated but he was tipped off fortunately. He then came to the United States to start again and raise his family away from that life.
After he left, I asked the girl working there if he comes into the shop a lot and she said he is there all the time. I asked if she ever heard his stories, she hadn’t. I think most people would believe he is full of crap but having been to the Philippines, I know what he told me is completely true.
I didn’t have much energy this morning and was dragging myself along. It seemed to take forever to reach the state line but there it was, the Sabine River. As I rode over the bridge, I saw a nice beach on the Texas side and a few females sunbathing and on the Louisiana side, a family fishing. It was so literal: everything is better in Texas. I took some pictures at the state sight, parked my bike and went down to the river for a swim. I swam from the Louisiana side to Texas and then back. I checked the depth of the river in the middle and went back to the bridge and jumped off a few times. It was a good rush and improved my day.
Feeling refreshed, I got back on the bike and kept pedaling on towards Deridder. The ride was uneventful and I ended up getting a cheap hotel just outside town. I got bored after a bit and walked down to the gas station to talk to people.
The reason I craved socialization was because the moment I crossed into Louisiana, my phone service disappeared and stayed away all day and night. I got lonely and needed interaction so I walked into the gas station down the road, bought some food and talked with the people working. I even offered to do some work to cure some of my boredom as well. I hung around till closing time, walked back to the room and called it a night.


  1. no bathing beauties I see! you make me laugh! love, mom

  2. We really never know what some people go thru sometimes do we. At least the gentleman you talked to was tipped off and got to escape with his family to the greatest Nation in the world! So many people never take the time to get to know someone they see every day. its a shame. I think its CBS that does or use to do segments called.. Everybody Has A Story.. very interesting. lol oh my this blog made me laugh. So how deep was the water in the middle hun? wow it must have been hard with no phone service. That very seldom happens I bet. another awesome blog that I enjoyed reading a few tmes. lol at your mom's comment up there ha :)