Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April 15: Rest Day in Nacogdoches, Tx.

I realized the night before that I haven’t taken a complete day off since Roswell. I was due for a day to recover and today seemed appropriate.
First thing to happen was a text message from Robert Raisanen; then a call from him. His close buddy, Jacob Perry, from the Marine Corps lives in Nacogdoches. I got in contact with Jake and we arranged to meet up later. Sean and I got on our bikes and rode to the coffee shop where his buddy Sean works.

(This is going to get confusing quick, so ill refer to Sean Bibby by his last name and his friend Sean by his first name)
Bibby paid for my coffee and muffin and Sean hooked me up with a shot of espresso. All jittered up, we rode back to his place but made a short detour riding down a trail that runs behind his neighborhood. I almost biffed but it was all good. We got back to the house and hung out for a bit until Jake picked us up for lunch. 
We met up with his wife Ashley at the local burger joint, the food was awesome. Jake and Ashley are great people, they were highly supportive of the ride and made some nice donations, I really appreciate that, it definitely helped.
Jake dropped Bibby and I off at the house and we rode the bike path out to the Laundromat to wash mouse blood off of my clothes. We met with Sean after a bit and I got a call from a reporter, he wanted to meet up and do an interview. We scheduled it to meet at Starbucks and until then, the 3 of us drove around taking care of business.
The interview went well. Not much to say about that.
Went back home, finally got to put on some fresh clothes! The old ones were smelling quite ripe.
One of Bibby’s  friends showed up at the house, we went out to one of the restaurants and hung out for a bit socializing. We then migrated back to the house after a while and went back to Flashbacks.
Met a lot of people, met Maggie, she works for the newspaper down in Lufkin, the town south of Nacogdoches and she was the one that got me set up with the reporter in town. Oh, and I believe she got me the TV interview as well the next morning. Aside from being a huge help, Maggie is super. She proved that even more the next day.
Oh, I turned 23 that night. I haven’t celebrated a normal birthday since I turned 18 back home. Not complaining, I think it’s pretty cool, I turned 19 in Japan, 20 in Iraq, 21 back in Japan, 22 in Afghanistan and 23 on the road in east Texas. Wonder where ill be when I have lived 24 years…
Ok, it’s quite difficult to type an awesome day out of paper. These are a rough rundown of the days events; it doesn’t seem significant but it’s just something you need to experience. I wish you all could be right there to enjoy the interaction, the connection I make with people, the small obscure moments that make life worth living, and the simple ways people can touch your life and make things great.


  1. Levi - this is just amazing.. I can't say it enough and how proud your family must be.

  2. The reception in that part of the country was great Levi and I enjoyed hearing about your birthday and following the news! I was happy you were not camped on the side of the road and that you had people to celebrate with you :) Leila made a great Finnish cake for Laona's birthday party last night - maybe you will be home for your 24th and she will make another one?, Mom


    Oh and the mouse blood ewwwwwwwwwww ewwwww glad you got your clothes washed! and lol @ The old ones were smelling quite ripe.

    always, luvy