Monday, April 11, 2011

Moving across Texas

Tuesday April 5th: Morning came waaay too fast. I slept extremely well but it didnt feel nearly long enough. Good thing today was going to be a fairly short ride. I called Jerry and he said he would be down in Brownfield around 9:30 to drop the tubes off to me. He delivered them and then he took off to work. I have never met him before, but he was still willing to drive out of his way to bring me what I needed. That was awesome. I replaced the tubes, got everything together and was on the road a little after 11. The ride was fairly smooth and I got to the DFC Cycles and Fitness bike shop after 1. I brought the bike in to get inspected and serviced and it turned out I had a broken spoke. That would explain the slight wobble my tire developed 6  miles out of town. The tune-up was free and was offered by Greg, the owner of the shop and that too was great, the bike definetly needed it.

Jerry picked me up from the shop while the bike was getting checked out and we drove to pick up Rosemary, his wife, from work to go to lunch. Lunch was tasty, and we finished up and Jerry dropped me back off at the bike shop and I got the address to the house and I would ride over. I gotta say, biking through Lubbock was a bit sketchy. There is almost no shoulder to ride on and I had to ride in the traffic lane for the most part. I had the flag unrolled but kept it wrapped up under my arm the whole way because it was too unsafe to allow it to fly. I arrived at the house and rolled my bike into the garage and Jerry showed me my room. I spent the better part of the day relaxing and updating the blog and letting my legs rest from the previous days ride. That evening, Rose made some of her awesome Mexican food and Christina brought her friend Vanessa over for dinner. It was fun to sit down for a meal at a dinner table and socialize like that again. After we ate, I rode with Christina to the Fiftieth street caboose and met again with Vanessa and her friend Arron. While there, I was in contact with Katrina, one of the people supporting and following my ride. She came out with her kids and said hello since she lives in Lubbock as well. It was pretty cool.  The night was fun, we talked and this reminds me of the conversation I had with Jerry earlier in the day. He told me that an elderly gentleman once told him, your Golden Years arent when youre retired but when youre still young and can do it all. So right now, im living my Golden Years. Do what you can while you can because if you put it off, you may never have the chance or ability to do it anymore.

When we got back to the house, Christina had a couple names she wanted put on the flag for Soldiers her husband has lost on his deployment. Rose signed the flag and we took pictures, its something you cant really describe because its so simple of a thing to do but at the same moment it means so much.
Christina, Me, Rosemary, Jerry

Arron, Christina, Vanessa, Me

The next morning we said our goodbyes and did a prayer. The Romeros are awesome people, they were definitely put in front of me for a reason and im happy to have had the opportunity to meet them and get to know them.

Today was Wednesday, April 6th, I was hoping to make some serious miles but my body had other things in mind. I rode 45 miles into Post, Tx and stopped at Subway...I noticed my body was exhuasted, my vision was slightly blurred and had formed a tunnel vision. I had no energy and was feel a bit nausious, I suppose it was a bit of the flu bug. I ended up getting a room that night and slept from 1 that afternoon till well after midnight. I woke feeling tons better and couldnt sleep so I decided to make do and get on the road early. I left the hotel before sunrise, a bit after 5am. I ended up riding all day and making 160 miles before my legs got so exhuasted I couldnt ride any longer. I was 18 miles from Graham and couldnt pedal on so I tossed my sleeping bag next to a field and went to sleep around 8:30 that night. I slept well and woke up that morning feeling physically better but still had a tense feeling in my legs and decided to take it light today, and rode the 18 miles to Graham and got a room and relaxed for the day taking it easy.

Several things I noticed, the long rides I was doing was sucking the fun out of the trip. No more long rides. The other thing was, when I was riding that day, it was hot. I was sucking down water and passing through few towns. If I started to run low on water, I would begin to start scoping out the side of the freeway where motorists throw trash out of their cars. I was looking for any bottle that contained any sort of water. If I needed it, I would stop, grab it and carry it with me just in case I needed the hydration. Another lesson I learned was with the dogs. Ive been getting chased quite a bit and im not fearful of dogs, never had a reason to be, so I tended to give them the benefit of a doubt that they wouldnt bite. Well, I learned that if they are close enough for my leg to reach them, theyre close enough to bite me and one dog did take a bite on my shoe. So, no more fooling around with them, if theyre close enough to kick, ill be preemptive and strike first. The dog that bit my foot got more of my shoe than anything but he did put some significant pressure on my toe but nothing that broke the skin. The last thing I want is my ride to end because of something I could prevent and I refuse to let this happen to me.

So a post or 2 back, I mentioned that everything that got me to the point I was at in Lubbock was because of water and traintracks in Cali. Let me explain. The night I camped out next to the train tracks in Glamis that kept me awake that night created a butterfly effect. If I didnt sleep next to the tracks, I would have camped out in Ft Thomas, Az, next to the tracks there. Doing so, I wouldnt have ran into the pricker patch and met Mons Larson. Then I wouldnt have needed tubes in Socorro and wouldnt have met Cathy and Pat, who wouldnt have been able to tell me to stay at the Valley of Fires. My timing would have been off and I wouldnt have been stopped by Sylvia on the 380 and I wouldnt have met Fred and Trish. Then I wouldnt have met Casey, who wouldnt have been able to introduce me to Christina and then Jerry in Lubbock. Its been a cascading effect since. Somedays will be non eventful and nothing significant will happen but that is only a minor play in the cosmic game being played here. Each thing that happens turns out to be the best because the end results are mind blowing and amazing. Its still continuing. Great people, great times, great memories, great stories...

Im still playing catch up, but its coming along. There are more stories forthcoming, today, (Aprils 11th) was another great day, as was yesterday but those will come in dues time. Thanks for everything.


  1. That strong headwind was a gift in disguise. now you can enjoy yourself a little more, except where the dogs are cocerned, i know what you mean about them. stay well & safe. dave 8-)

  2. Don't rush to the finish'll miss too many great experiences! Enjoy the ride and see all you can see while you're making your way to the east coast!


  3. Levi - I am sure you and the local postmasters could tell a few tales just about DOGS! ...a moving target must be great fun for them (not you) to break up their little doggy day! :) Love, Mom

  4. Hey, Levi --
    Weird coincidence running into you at the local Subway here in Rowlett!!! A pleasure meeting you, and best wishes for a continuing safe journey! I'm posting about you on our local DFW bike websites for GDB and RBENT...
    Paul Brown

    Here's the pic I took:

  5. Hi Levi

    A friend just send me your blog. Will read more about your ride as soon as I finish writing this. Are you going to stay on Route 66? If you need a place to stay in the OKC area, feel free to contact me.

    Moni, aka giant cycle 99 at gmail dot com

  6. thanks PAUL for posting a current picture of Levi! (mother's are like that) Nice to see his journey captured through other people! :)...Mom.

  7. See Levi, its true and this shows 100% on your trip for all to see that God has a plan for EVERYTHING! He meant for you to take this trip, for all those things to happen, and to meet all those people. I remember with you, I don't remember her name but a gold star mom asked me what I think about your trip and I called you "crazy". Not crazy like you're "dumb" or the idea is "stupid" but crazy meaning that its meant for YOU. Unfathomable, I suppose would have been the better word and she didn't understand bc she doesn't know me to get my point but she said "he's not crazy. This gives mom's like me hope" :) You're doing an amazing thing, I know you feel it but everyone you meet feels it too :) love you!

  8. Intriguing topic you choose to write on. I like the way you express yourself, how you underline, so to speak, specific areas, on which you want the reader's attention. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

  9. This is another interesting read ;) Even though it happened months ago, still has me riding next to you as I am reading. always luvy