Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogging happens whenever you're wishing to be sleeping. (for me anyhow)

Ok, that last post was me shedding some negative energy, now its time to be postive and productive (kinda).

April 9, 2011: Graham, Tx - Bridgeport, Tx  (55 mi)

I rode a bike with a flag on the back from this town to that town. It was windy. Then I met some people who liked what I was doing. One guy stopped me on the windy road and gave me some money and sunflower seeds. Then 2 girls wanted to get my phone number in Jacksboro. Then I bought some more groceries and met more people who liked what was going on. Then I got to Bridgeport and went to Dairy Queen for water. Dave Walters called and we talked about the ride. The manager overhead and gave me an ice cream cone. Thanks for calling me at Dairy Queen Dave. I was going to camp but had a moment of weakness and got a hotel. No internet at this hotel. Of course, why would a 40 dollar room offer Wi-fi?


Looking at Runaway Bay

On windy days when the airflow comes from the south, I have to furl the flag a bit to keep it from interrupting traffic and becoming a safety issue



  1. Know you r going to love Morgan City. Great people, food, & town is pretty much level. hahaha. stay well & safe. ALL our friends on FB wish u the best & r proud of u & what you r doing. ride well Pal. 8-)

  2. I enjoy reading and seeing the pictures. Don't we live in the greatest Nation ever!
    always, luvy