Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 12: Plano, Tx - Canton, Tx

Did quite a bit of urban riding today, rode out of Plano southeast to Rowlett, crossed the lake to Rockwall, then southeast to Terrell, east to Wills Point and then southeast again to Canton. I stopped in Rowlett for lunch and grabbed some Subway. I was about to leave when another biker, Paul Brown, came back outside where I was and we started talking. He took a photo and said he was part of a biking club and he spread the word. I rode the bridge across the lake to Rockwall and got a few calls from people I havent talked to since before I left, it was good to catch up and see how things were going.

As I rode on, I was several miles from Terrell and a truck pulled over and stopped ahead of me and the driver got out. I pulled up and met Mike Swindell and his son Kaleb. It turns out, Mike had seen me in west Texas, on the 380, when I was doing my 160 mile ride 4 days before. Mike took a picture of Kaleb and I and we departed on our seperate ways.

Well, I rode along for a bit longer and was probably 8 miles west of Wills Point when I stopped for a Gatorade and to rest a bit. I was checking my messages when I saw that Mike had emailed me. He wanted to take me out to dinner. I called him up and he came out and met me at the gas station. He had Kaleb with him and we rode to a restuarant in Wills Point.

Mike is prior military as well and it was really awesome of him to go out of his way to meet up with me and take me out for a meal, thanks! Kaleb is a great kid too, hes going to go far. Mike messaged me the next day saying that Kaleb was telling his friends at school about how he met this guy riding his bike and doing really cool adventures. That was awesome to hear and made my day as well. I rode southeast to Canton and got briefly delayed in the town 5 miles to the north. That little hold up stopped me long enough to have to ride a bit at night. I rolled into Canton well after dark and made plans to camp out. I found an area within town that was a bit off the road. I pulled everything I needed for the night off the bike and lay the bike down in the bushes, out of sight,  set up my bed roll and went to sleep.


  1. Good to hear that you r meeting such wonderful people, makes the heart pump a little prouder that they appreciate & understand what you are doing,& for whom. 8-) dave

  2. Levi, love these last few updates and love reading that there are good people out there giving you such a good reception! Safe riding and keep enjoying this mission you're on!!
    Becky Stewart

  3. Sure does make me proud that these awesome people are willing to help you in any way they can! Its a great day to be alive.
    always luvy