Monday, April 25, 2011

April 11: Denton, Tx - Plano, Tx (34 mi)

It was about 8AM when I got on the road, it was a bit humid following the rain the night before. Riding out of Denton, the shoulder ceased to exist and I had to ride the line as much as possible since it was early and the sun was in the drivers eyes. I didnt have any issues and the shoulder opened up the further I got outside of town. I was on my way to Frisco, about 22 miles away to start my journey in the southeast direction. When I got west of Frisco, I stopped in at Starbucks for a drink. I parked the bike out front and walked in. I didnt even make to the counter before I was stopped by Mark. He asked where I was coming from and where I was going. I told him and he offered to buy my drink. I sat with him and we talked for about 45 min and I was telling him why I was riding when the man sitting behind me leaned over and dropped his newspaper on a table and introduced himself and said he used to be in the Airforce and supported what I was doing. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him whenever I needed a hotel before I left Texas and he'd set me up. He left and Mark was about to take off as well, he left me with a gift card to a restuarant which was pretty cool.

I sat around the coffee shop for a little while relaxing and then biked east into Frisco. The town had a good feel to it so I lingered around and decided to explore a bit. I ate at a Mexican restuarant and biked back down the road in the direction of the town library. I initially parked outside and was trying to connect to the internet but it was too windy and I packed up and walked inside. I took the bike with me since I didnt want it to go missing and because there was nothing to lock it to. Well, of course I got stopped bringing it in. Gerry Burns stopped me and I told him why I was bringing the bike inside. He told me I could leave it in a back room and he walked me around the building and we left it in a secure location. I walked back across the building to the library and plugged in my laptop and started blogging and catching up on events. After a short while, Gerry returned with a woman. He explained to me she worked in city hall and wanted to know what I was doing and was interested in publishing it in the monthly newsletter. I didnt know at the time but the groundfloor was split in 2 parts, one side was the library and the other was the city hall, where I parked the bike. We talked for a bit and then walked over to city hall where I met a few of the staff members. One was the media relations department head and she put me in contact with a local reporter who did a phone interview and ran the story 5 days later. I left the library and rode further east and met up with a friend and went out for coffee again. I ended the day by riding another 10 miles or so into Plano and getting a hotel for the night.

This sign made my morning that much better

Library and City Hall

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