Friday, April 22, 2011

April 10: Bridgeport, Tx - Denton, Tx

Started early this morning, I was originally planning to make it all the way to Greenville but watching the skies and paying attention to the weather reports, there was a 30% chance of severe thunderstorms in the evening time so when I neared Denton, I made the decision to call it a day. I made a call to Francine Washington, a fellow veteran and huge supporter. She lives in Fort Worth and wanted to meet up. I checked into the hotel and got settled in while she and her son Ian made the drive to pick me up.

Since it was Sunday, Francine had no work so we drove to Dallas and started the day at Dealey Plaza. This was my first time to the area and it was neat to visit another place where history was made. At the time there was a replica car parked in the street and the road was closed off, it turned out that the National Geographic was shooting a reenactment scene of the assasination for a special.

Following Dealey Plaza, we went out to Fort Worth and walked around the Stockyards and Francine treated me to some amazing Texas BBQ. We walked around a bit more and talked about life and experiences and such. It was a fun day and it was awesome of Francine to drive me around and show me the city. As we drove back to the hotel, I could see the storm clouds building up in the west, making me happy that I made the right decision to stop and grab a room for the night. Of course, it did rain that night and I also made the decision to start charting my course southeast the next day. The next day I would ride through Frisco and meet up with a friend. Definitely turned out to be the best decision as well.


  1. What a WARM welcome to the Dallas/Ft Worth area! It made me smile to read your post and I wasn't even THERE!

    You were so hesitant when talking to Ed (here back home) if you would venture in the area of Dealy Plaza! (on your bike) Big thank you to FRANCINE and IAN for taking the time to pick you up and bring you around! The spirit in this country is SO wonderful!

    Thanks to EVERYONE who is making this such a great adventure for Levi!
    Love, Mom

  2. Hi Levi -
    This is the first time I've gotten on your blog and have really enjoyed reading your entries. Please keep it up for those of us who don't have facebook!! It sounds like you have met so many awesome people and are creating memories that will last you a lifetime. Take care of yourself. May God bless you and keep you safe in your travels. Becca Hill

  3. WOW! Reading that N G was doing a re enactment scene brought tears to my eyes... I have always read about President Kennedy, like I have a connection to that family. I keep looking at these pictures. You did make some wise decisions. God is good. always, luvy