Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clocks Winding Down

My ride to Cali picks me up in 3 1/2 hours. I am exhausted. I can barely think but the story needs to be told. This week has been incredibly busy, meeting soo many people, buying last minute items, packing, helping with wedding preparations and the formal ceremonies and everything in between. Well, its all done and this is the last thing I have left to finish. So its Saturday and the ride begins Monday morning..its coming up fast and my anticipation is pretty high. Anyways, I have to say a bit of luck can take you far. I am a firm believer in this force, its kept me alive among other things but a small bit of it can do wonders. It started Sunday, March 6th. We were in process of driving from American Legion post to the next in the area and stumbled upon a gold mine of help.

I can't say enough about this man here, Mr. Henry Brown or the many others I have had the honor of meeting since. I gotta say hes the launch pad my shuttle operation needed. Without his help and connections I would never have gotten as far as I have. Henry opened the gates. The next evening, Monday,  was a dinner in honor of the Wounded Warriors in town and I attended that event and met the other Gold Star families from the area along with many of the wounded Marines. It was interesting, some of the Marines I met were with units I had just finished supporting on my last deployment and to see them back home recovering from serious injuries was another reminder of what is still happening...too bad the rest of America can't see this. They would rather lead comfortable lives in blissful ignorance. I shouldn't speak ill though, this is the safety and comfort that the military provides and fights for so the average American, and citizen of the world, can live a life free from fear. We just ask that you dont forget and show appreciation when you can and remember that your peace of mind and freedom was earned in blood. Blood still spilling today. The Gold Star families are the source of my motivation and a slight degree, I feel like I can understand their loss but never will I fully comprehend it unless I have walked in their shoes. It is completely unnatural for a parent to bury a child and the heartache and emptyness left behind can never go away. It is my true desire to honor the lives and service of the fallen so that you may know you have our deepest respect and gratitude.

Wednesday at Sweet Tomatoes was just as eventful...I met many more amazing people who blew me away with their support and generosity. I thank you all so much for what you have done to help get the word out. I have to say all of you are fantastic and you are doing great things. Jacki = Wonderwoman. Thank you. I had everyone there sign the bike for added motivation and the flag was signed as well with the names of the local fallen to ensure I would have the priveledge of doing my ride in their honor. I look forward to this ride and I have to again, thank those who have helped so much to make this possible. Even the small things meant so much to me, thank you. My ride shows up in roughly 90 minutes...maybe I can catch a quick nap before the show up! Its been a long, fulfilling week and the day is almost here.

I have a new riding jersey that I am excited to wear on the first day of the trip, its quite apropos and I have to say thanks to Pete Raisanen for giving that to me. Hes doing a coast to coast trip in May to support the Childrens Heart Foundation. I follow his blog, Coast to coast from the heart. Check it out in the meantime, hes doing a great thing also. Thanks for the added flair =D

Shortly after meeting Henry, hes busy helping me out.

Thank you!

It was interesting, Barb has a personal connection to a few names from 2/5 that I already had on the flag, ones that were added the previous week by Robert. 

Adding the names...


Thank you


  1. Absolutely Brilliant Levi, job well done, good luck & God Bless. SEMPER FI !!
    Jim Robinson
    Northern Ireland

  2. hey man,
    just want to let you know that what i think you are doin is absolutely nuts! and by nuts i mean that i wish i was there to ride with you because you know i would. im with you 110% and ill be following your progress.
    good luck brotha,

  3. Way to go Levi! I will be following your trip. I think that this is a great thing that you have going. Good luck to you on your journey!

  4. Fantastic, Levi. Great thing you are doing to honor our fallen. It will be fun to follow your experiences. Ride safe and have fun! GP, Susan Raisanen

  5. good luck levi, you truly are an inspiration to all of us! May God bless your trip and take care!!

  6. So thankful that my dear friend, Barb met you and told us all about you. My son served with hers. Thank you for your serve and good luck in your journey!

  7. Hey! Best of Luck, Levi! I think it is so awesome what your doing :D I think you'll do great, and that you are doing something that is truly inspirational. :))

  8. Thank You for your service. And for what you are doing now. Not everyone in America has forgotten what you Military men and women do for us. Lost one brother already to Afganistan this past October, USAF EOD, and my other brother is currently serving in the Afgan desert, USMC 2/3 Echo, machine gunner. Everyday and every night I check up on things over that way as much as I can. Kepp doin hat your doing, people will notice.

    Thank you again.


  9. Levi - remember the home place is with you as you travel each mile. I am SO proud of you. I think back through the years and wonder where the modivation and love of life has come from. What a blessing in your life. Love, Mom

  10. Levi,
    Thank you for honoring our fallen soldiers. My husband was a Marine and was KIA so what your doin means a lot to my family and I. If you happend to pass through the San Antonio area my family and I will welcome you with open arms. Semper Fi.
    Leslie and Family

  11. Do you have a lap top on your journey? A live stream every now and then with the families who you are supporting will also allow people to talk to you directly. Just a suggestion.

    Thank you for keeping the fallen, injured and their families in everyones memory and honoring these people. Good luck on your journey.


  12. what is the link for coast to coast from the heart so that i can read there blog thanks so much

  13. levi, you, my brother, are oh so motivating!! i love you!


  14. This is so touching. I've read it a few times and then give Thanks that you are doing this. It was storming tonight and a friend told me that the thunder is our Fallen Hero's voices reminding us to Never Forget them and the rain is the tears they cry. May they RIP in knowing they will not be forgotten. God Bless their families and May they find comfort knowing they will forever be remembered. God Bless you hun for caring enough for doing this and of course God Bless The United States of America for having the most awesome Military in the world. You make me proud :)

    always, luvy