Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking Ground

Last night, a little after 1am, we added the first name. I felt a personal obligation that this individuals name be the first one. He was a friend of my sister Laona and I throughout high school. We rode the same bus every morning, got off at the same stops and sat by each other in the same classes. He was a person who made an impact upon every life he touched. I dont just say this as a generic statement about his life either. He truly was one of those people that you meet and never forget. Even now this is hard for me to write...missed by all.

 Lance Corporal Richard Scott Bailey: 7/10/89 - 4/21/08.

I rode my bike over to the home of Kim Langley, it was late when I went over, like I said, it was after 1am. She was still awake because her other son Josh, a Marine, was leaving in several hours back to North Carolina. He is due to deploy to the desert of Afghanistan very soon so I wanted him present to sign Scottys name on the flag and bike as well. It was a positive experience for me. I was touched, when after the flag and bike were signed and before I left, Josh told me to wait a moment and he disappeared in the back. He came out holding a pair of Lance Corporal cheverons. He told me they were the same ones Scotty got promoted with and the same ones he was promoted with as well and that he wanted me to carry them with me. It meant alot to me and I am more than happy to carry them and ride in Scotty's memory. Thank you.


  1. Levi, this is amazing and I am extremely proud of you! I hope that your journey brings you all sorts of inner peace and knowledge.

  2. Awesome, Levi! I agree- That's the best name to start with. happy adventuring!
    Love and God's peace, Auntie Carol

  3. your an inspiration to all of us, especially those in the military and their families. Thank you for the honor of having Scotty's name being the first. good luck and be safe out there.

  4. yeah this made me cry

  5. You make me proud as an American. I wish you wer going through KANSAS!! my son in a marine and soon heading to Afghanistan, he spent 15 months in iraq and he lost 9 of his men. Life goes on and because of folks like you it is bearable! God Bless you and Semper Fi!! Glenda!

  6. What route will you be taking from Clanton, AL to Auburn? We're in Deatsville/Holtville/"Slapout" area.

  7. I tried to post before but it didnt go thru. But I am glad too that you're "riding with Scott" because we ALL know that if he was still here, he would be biking next to you the whole way. He would be all over this bike trip so I am happy Josh gave you his chevrons :)
    I love you!

  8. This touched me very much. you know, now there's 2 dates I'll never forget, April 21, 2008 and July 14, 2010. Those dates hold special meaning to you and now to me also. I know I say this often and I'm gonna say it lots and lots more... You Are Such A Special Man! When you called 10 days ago and said you wanted to tell me a story, I could hear in your voice what July 14th meant to you. On your earlier blog, I read how you had left your flag in the tent and what yall went thru that day without it.... I'm so glad you are here blogging your adventures hun. You Are My HERO :) Thank you for your service and your Ride For The Fallen, Thank you! See I knew I'd missed some lol Huge hugs to you special man! Look forward to reading more.

    always luvy