Friday, March 4, 2011

And Secondly: The Route

Ill list the estimated dates I will be in each town. Remember, the said dates are subject to either several days early or later depending on unforseen circumstances. IF YOU HAVE CONNECTIONS IN ANY OF LISTED TOWNS OR TOWNS LOCATED IN THE AREAS I WILL BE TRAVELING PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND SPREAD THE WORD. Esp so individuals who wish to sign the flag can have the opportunity to do so! Help get the word around, any bit helps and is greatly appreciated!

14: Delmar Beach, CA - Julian, CA
15: Julian, CA - Brawley, CA
16: Brawley, CA - Blythe, CA
17: Blythe, CA - Quartzsite, AZ
18: Quartzsite, AZ - Salome, AZ
19: Salome, AZ - Wickenburg, AZ
20: Wickenburg, AZ- Phoenix, AZ
21: Planned Rest in Phoenix
22: Phoenix, AZ - Superior, AZ
23: Superior, AZ - Fort Thomas, AZ
24: Fort Thomas, AZ - Three Way, AZ
25: Three Way, AZ - Glenwood, NM
26: Planned Rest in Glenwood
27: Glenwood, NM - Reserve, NM
28: Reserve, NM - Datil, NM
29: Datil, NM - Socorro, NM
30: Socorro, NM - Carrizozo, NM
31: Carrizozo, NM - Capitan, NM
1: Capitan, NM - Roswell, NM
2: Roswell, NM - Plains, TX
3: Planned Rest in Plains
4: Plains, TX - Lubbock, TX
5: Lubbock, TX - Crosbyton, TX
6: Crosbyton, TX - Benjamin, TX
7: Benjamin, TX - Seymour, TX
8: Seymour, TX - Henrietta, TX
9: Rest in Henrietta
10: Henrietta, TX - Gainesville, TX
11: Gainesville, TX - Paris, TX
12: Paris, TX - Texarkana, AR
13: Rest?
14: Texarkana, AR - Magnolia, AR
15: Magnolia, AR - Crossett, AR
16: Crossett, AR - Greenville, MS
17: Greenville, MS - Greenwood, MS
18: Greenwood, MS - Winona, MS
19: Winona, MS - Eupora, MS
20: Eupora, MS - Columbus, MS
21: Columbus, MS - Tuscaloosa, AL
22: Rest
23: Tuscaloosa, AL - Clanton, AL
24: Clanton, AL- Auburn, AL
25: Auburn, AL- Woodbury, GA
26: Woodbury, GA - Forsyth, GA (Rest?)
27: Forsyth, GA - Athens, GA
28: Athens, GA - Simpsonville, SC
29: Rest
30: Rest
1: Simpsonville, SC - Charlotte, NC
2: Charlotte, NC - Wadesboro, NC
3: Wadesboro, NC - Fayetteville, NC
4: Fayetteville, NC - Warsaw, NC
5: Warsaw, NC - Jacksonville, NC
6: Jacksonville, NC - Emerald Isle, NC


  1. Go Levi!!!!!! We love you baby ;).

  2. I noticed that you will be passing through Forsyth and heading North towards Athens. I didn't know how flexible your plans were, but we live in a military community called Warner Robins. It is based on the outside of Robins AFB. This town supports the military so strongly that we have our own acronym EDIMGIAFAD- Every day in Middle Georgia is Armed Forces Appreciation Day. If you were to make it over this way, I could definitely arrange for a hero's welcome for you!

  3. I live right outside Charlotte NC what can I do to help?

  4. Way to GO LEVI! you are keeping on track - with the extension of days in Phoenix and the mountains of New Mexico THAT IS AWESOME! Love, Mom

  5. LOL @ Tinanicole21 - Just read your post. Hope you got to see him when he passed through town. Warner Robins welcomed Levi with open arms.

  6. As I'm reading this one, I am also looking at my atlas and tracing your trip. I know it couldn't have been easy at times but you kept on.
    Thank you for serving and Thank you for doing this for our Fallen Hero's. I'm thinking they were with you every inch of the way, giving you strength and encouragement when you didn't know where it was coming from.

    We live in the Greatest Nation ever and again I say Thank You!

    always, luvy