Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adding Names...

First things first: The flag is slowly filling up...there is not much I can say except that it has made me realize the whole experience has me feeling humbled, in awe, graced and blessed to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do something like this. I appreciate all the support and encouragement from everyone and I want to extend a hand and thank those who have contributed names thus far. I understand that, metaphorically, this requires opening the Pandora's Box of memories that has been locked inside for some time...just understand that there are plenty of us here that stand beside you and wish to always remember those we lost. The sacrifice shall never fade.

Here are the latest names added to the Colors:
173 ABN 68-69
Jerry O'Neal
Leroy Willman
2/5 Mar. Iraq
1st Sgt Smith
Pfc Fulmar
Cpl. Hubbard
Cpl. Bara
Pfc Poindexter
Lcpl Howman
Pfc Halverson
2nd Lt. Felberg
Pfc Gonzales
Sgt. Bescbah
1st Lt. Lynch
Lcpl Langley
Capt. Rapicault
Cpl. Thompson
Cpl. Ryan

Robert Arizola

*I applogize if any names are misspelled. if so, notify me and I will make changes.

 Don Rousu
 Robert Raisanen
Dave Lahti signing Robert Arizola's name for his brother Jason who left the name with me before leaving town.


  1. God Bless You Levi!

  2. I lost a great uncle at Pearl Harbor. I really hope to visit there one day. My grandmother has pictures of him everywhere. She said his eyes were just like mine. She was 10 when he was killed. She told me when his casket was brought home, someone asked my great grandmother how did she know that was her son. My great grandmother told her she didn't, that all she knew was there was someones son in there. All she had of my great uncle was his dog tags. I know your ride is over but I was wondering if you would put my great uncle's name on your flag? It would mean so much to my family. If not I do understand. Its really amazing what you've done. Very Proud of you.

    always, luvy